MCA First Fridays: Apocalypse / by Adebukola Bodunrin

I brought a pared down version of "Until One Day" to the Museum of Contemporary Arts Chicago for its apocalypse themed first Friday. I had museum-goers add their own spin and take on to a 17 frame animation where the earth gets "stretched" apart.  The results were amazing!

The Nightingale Cinema also included the The "Ooli Moves" as part of its "Rough & Ready" program at the MCA. My animation was included in the "Micro" portion.

This program deals in the diminutive. If Hollywood blockbusters are at home on the big screen, the Nightingale proudly belongs to the world of small screen. From the folding chairs in our tiny community theater, patrons bravely transverse cinematic landscapes where even art-house theaters fear to tread. This week’s program literally puts the micro in microcinema, focusing on all the little things. From tiny turtles enjoying encased meat products to tiny animation cycles building to chaotic crescendos—from the confines of claustrophobic spaces to the constraint of claustrophobic communities—from microscopic budgets to the politics of microprocessors.